What is Marketing Intelligence Data?

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What's the best way to start off 2018? A guest post! This one come from Dan Sincavage, co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Tenfold, a phone intelligence software company located in Austin, Texas. Tenfold provides a cloud-based software-as-a-service computer-telephony integration (CTI) solution that connects businesses' existing communication tools like phone systems and messaging apps to their … Continue reading What is Marketing Intelligence Data?


2017: A Digital Year in Review

a new dawn

It's easy to complain. And complaining has always been en mode. We tend to concentrate on negative aspects of our lives and gloss over the things that go well because when things are go well that's just how they are supposed to go. People said that 2016 was a shitty year. People are already saying … Continue reading 2017: A Digital Year in Review

Content Marketing Metrics: How to Correctly Measure Your Traffic

Content marketing is also known as inbound marketing for a reason. The content draws your potential clients in towards your services. But there is a gap between people coming to visit your site and people who click the contact or buy button. You have to reach a critical mass of traffic before statistics tip in … Continue reading Content Marketing Metrics: How to Correctly Measure Your Traffic

An Open Letter to Ajit Pai

Mr. Pai, If you believe - truly believe - that corporations have the public's best interest in their hearts, why do you work for the government? Why is there a government at all?   You know the answer to this question. Your position as the Chairman of the FCC is to protect the public against … Continue reading An Open Letter to Ajit Pai