Brands and the Facebook Boycott – I Call BS

You've certainly heard by now about the different brands that are pulling their advertising dollars from Facebook for the month of July. What started as a sort of protest against the way that Facebook allowed the amplification of President Trump's racist and hateful messages is starting to gain steam as more and more brands jump … Continue reading Brands and the Facebook Boycott – I Call BS

What Brexit Means For Digital

At long last today is Brexit Day. While this is a great event if you are a nationalist populist who believes that large supranational governmental structures hobble individual national potential, it is also a sad day for the European Union and all of the unity that it stands for. The trend of integration is going … Continue reading What Brexit Means For Digital

Should Apple Have to Give Governments Access to iPhones for Criminal Cases?

For people who think that the government already has too much power, it's tempting to hold iPhones outside of current law as a safeguard against the slippery slope of building backdoors into all of our digital platforms and services.