Highlights and Takeaways from Web Summit 2018

Three days of intense energy flowed from Lisbon during the Web Summit this week as the world’s tech leaders and budding entrepreneurs gathered to federate around one thing that we can call agree on: technology is taking over the world. Panels, presentations and pitches abounded across all industry verticals from automotive to government to sports … Continue reading Highlights and Takeaways from Web Summit 2018

Which Financing Option is Best for Your Startup: Equity, Debt, or Convertible Debt?

Starting a business is hard work, and often the biggest roadblock is getting that cold hard cash to make your dream come true. There are three primary ways that startups raise money, equity, debt, and convertible debt. Read about the pros and cons of each option in this guest post from UpCounsel.

Other People’s Networks

One of the books that's really stuck with me the most is Jay Samit's Disrupt You. I've already raved about the book in general but now I'm going to do what Jay would do, take an idea that works in one area and apply it in a different way.     Disrupt You talks a … Continue reading Other People’s Networks

Why Restaurant Delivery Services Will Fail in France

At first glance, it seems like a huge opportunity. People are hungry, people like their favorite restaurants, connect those two things more often and make millions. But all of the food delivery startups that are running around the French capital suffer from three problems, which when combined will prove to be fatal. The idea is … Continue reading Why Restaurant Delivery Services Will Fail in France