why content marketing strategies fail

Why Most Content Marketing Strategies Fail

Most people who will pitch you a content marketing strategy approach it the same way: pick a niche keyword, create regular content, get traffic coming in, and convert that traffic to your product. That's how content marketing works. But you don't get to really choose your niche - you're defined by the product or service … Continue reading Why Most Content Marketing Strategies Fail

generating sales leads B2B

How to Generate Sales Leads

Chances are you heard of white papers. You may even have read a few of them. You might know then that they are a cornerstone for generating sales leads online through a content marketing strategy. The great news is that you can even reverse engineer the sales funnel to know exactly how much money to spend to hit your sales goals. Let me show you how!

wordpress back end how to

The Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Admin Tools

WordPress is one of the foundations upon which the Internet is built. If you're not already using WordPress, you're probably thinking about it. Start here with this guest post about the tools in WordPress Admin written by James Gorski.