Should Apple Have to Give Governments Access to iPhones for Criminal Cases?

For people who think that the government already has too much power, it's tempting to hold iPhones outside of current law as a safeguard against the slippery slope of building backdoors into all of our digital platforms and services.

The 5 Biggest Challenges for Brands in 2020

Privacy and cutting cookies, building customized experiences, owning first part customer data, collaborations and conscientiousness top this year's list of the biggest challenges for brands. This is a big one, so grab a cup of tea and sit back!

Watch my Customer Journey Webinar

I recently gave a talk about customer journeys with my friend Steve George from Insider. We covered topics ranging from optimizing performance to improving quality to the challenges of digital and how beauty startups can break through the noise. Watch the Webinar here  I'll be continuing this conversation at an event in Warsaw, Poland at … Continue reading Watch my Customer Journey Webinar