how brands can be authentic

What Brands Get Wrong About Trying to Be Authentic

Authenticity is defined as being true to oneself. If brands are bending their messaging to fit with what they think their customer base wants, isn't that the exact opposite of authenticity? 

Coca-Cola’s “Liquid Content” Marketing Strategy

The world's most recognizable brand is definitely not hurting for talent. Coca-Cola has been celebrated for innovative, touching, and effective marketing for over 100 years. So clearly no one there was worried when this whole Internet thing came around and threatened to turn marketing on its head. Right? Creating a digital strategy that successfully incorporates … Continue reading Coca-Cola’s “Liquid Content” Marketing Strategy

How To Find Your Hook and Get Press Coverage

Companies spend an incredible amount of time refining their pitches so that people can understand what their product is trying to achieve in as little time as possible. While this is critical for adoption, it might not be all that effective in getting journalists to cover your launch. This is because no matter what sort … Continue reading How To Find Your Hook and Get Press Coverage