Being a Brand Content Manager: Frequently Asked Questions

brand content management frequently asked questions

Job titles in digital tend to evolve just as fast as the platforms they rely upon. A few years ago it was all about Community Managers. They were seen as the key missing piece in building an audience around a brand or product. They were - and still are, of course - hybrid marketing and … Continue reading Being a Brand Content Manager: Frequently Asked Questions


Why Fake News Works

The Russians are at it again. First it was the United States election, a so-called victim of misinformation spread by a network of Russian supported websites that propagated false claims and libel in an attempt to influence a part of the population to vote for Donald Trump. Now, as the French electors prepare to vote … Continue reading Why Fake News Works

How To Master Influencer Marketing in 2017

Influencers are the new media, therefore using influencers to spread your message is the new digital marketing. I'm not going to give you a listicle of 5 ways to optimize your influencer marketing, nor am I going to give you a bunch of case studies about what works best. Instead I hope to shed light … Continue reading How To Master Influencer Marketing in 2017

How To Master Social Listening

With all of the conversations happening in real time around the globe, companies and brands who wish to understand how people are interacting with and converging around their products need help. The internet of today is a veritable patchwork of overlapping groups, cultures, and languages spread out on a vast amount of social platforms and … Continue reading How To Master Social Listening

Coca-Cola’s “Liquid Content” Marketing Strategy

The world's most recognizable brand is definitely not hurting for talent. Coca-Cola has been celebrated for innovative, touching, and effective marketing for over 100 years. So clearly no one there was worried when this whole Internet thing came around and threatened to turn marketing on its head. Right? Creating a digital strategy that successfully incorporates … Continue reading Coca-Cola’s “Liquid Content” Marketing Strategy