Black Friday is Coming

We’re already seen huge jumps in eCommerce since the pandemic began, accelerating existing trends to the point where eCommerce now represents 33% of retail sales in Europe in 2020. How much will that number grow over the next two months?

google trends google correlate

How to Use Google to Better Understand Your Customers

There are four tools that you should be using in order to gain better insights into your customers: Google Surveys, Google Trends, Google Shopping Insights, and Google Correlate. 

why content marketing strategies fail

Why Most Content Marketing Strategies Fail

Most people who will pitch you a content marketing strategy approach it the same way: pick a niche keyword, create regular content, get traffic coming in, and convert that traffic to your product. That's how content marketing works. But you don't get to really choose your niche - you're defined by the product or service … Continue reading Why Most Content Marketing Strategies Fail