The Decline in Facebook is Real, Very Real

Facebook is in trouble. The scandals are taking their toll and users are fleeing. Their recently announced plan to merge their apps into an encrypted messaging platform seems nice on the surface, but dig a little deeper and you will see a hidden plan to avoid the coming storm.

The GDPR Is Not Protecting Consumers

It's been the better part of a year since the GDPR came into effect in Europe, how's it doing? Well it's definitely not protecting consumers. Here's a rant about it!

President Obama: Pardon Edward Snowden

Dear President Obama, Before I begin my argument for why you should pardon Edward Snowden, bring him home, and let him continue his mission and life's work, I want to tell you how much I admire you for your moral leadership over the past eight years. You've consistently helped to mold the nation's moral directive, … Continue reading President Obama: Pardon Edward Snowden

How Cookies Work

If you live in the Eurozone, you will have noticed that every time you visit a new site, a banner comes up informing you that this particular site uses Cookies. Digitally-oriented people understand that the cookie is involved in some sort of website tracking. To analogue people a cookie looks like this:     The … Continue reading How Cookies Work

French Digital Law: A Comprehensive Primer

For the past four years, I've lived in Paris, France. The city of light remains one of the most famous places in the world. While the history might be long, and the ages of the monuments approach four digits, there is a bustle here, and it's a bustle of modern entrepreneurship. France is the 20th … Continue reading French Digital Law: A Comprehensive Primer