iphone security backdoor

Should Apple Have to Give Governments Access to iPhones for Criminal Cases?

For people who think that the government already has too much power, it's tempting to hold iPhones outside of current law as a safeguard against the slippery slope of building backdoors into all of our digital platforms and services.

the most important digital things from the 2010s

A Digital Decade in Review: 40 Important Elements from the 2010’s

Normally at the end of each year I have taken a moment to look back at the big moments and trends that came to pass. Since the calendar will switch to 2020, let's take a look at the decade and how monumental it was in the history of mankind.

social media screen time apps

Screen Time is Here to Save Us from Our Phone and Social Media Addictions

The newest feature in your iPhone or Android quantifies your relationship with your phone and the apps you use, and the stats might be enough to scare your into a better relationship with your phone. And if the stats aren't persuasive enough, you can control your usage manually. Here is how I use my phone, and the insights that come along with having this information at the tip of my thumb.

Books for Entrepreneurs: “Nation of Rebels” by Andrew Potter & Joseph Heath

Ever since there have been capitalists, there have been anti-capitalists. But it wasn't until after the boom of 1950's post-war America, where a potent mix of economic growth and a cornucopia of brand new consumer products fused with huge advertising budgets, that a consumerism was born - one that few could have predicted. Left in … Continue reading Books for Entrepreneurs: “Nation of Rebels” by Andrew Potter & Joseph Heath