The Coronavirus Containment Dispatches: Day 51

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a reckoning of the business world. Good times over the past decade provided cover for companies to play loose. Now their debt is coming due. Even companies with solid balance sheets are fretting. They eye deconfinement warily hoping that revenue will scale back up as fast as it was lost. … Continue reading The Coronavirus Containment Dispatches: Day 51

the most important digital things from the 2010s

A Digital Decade in Review: 40 Important Elements from the 2010’s

Normally at the end of each year I have taken a moment to look back at the big moments and trends that came to pass. Since the calendar will switch to 2020, let's take a look at the decade and how monumental it was in the history of mankind.

facebook dating announcement US

Would You Use Facebook For Dating?

There are three areas where this feature could be a disaster for society in general. First, we're giving even more personal information to Facebook, not exactly the most trustworthy actor out there. Second, the dating feature could just as easily tear people apart as bring them together. And finally it could create the conditions for a large amount of harassment by bringing sex into a platform that has tried to stay as family friendly as possible.