targeting custom audience on facebook

How to Use Your CRM Data To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

If you have a CRM program, did you know that you can synch your database with Facebook in order to choose how you target these people in your social media marketing efforts? Here's how to do it, and why you should!

leveraging data lakes for artificial intelligence

How to Leverage Data Lakes

One of the promises of big data is to power the Artificial Intelligence revolution. One of the realities of big data is that it is big. Data has been collected for years, with different architectures and different qualities. Oftentimes these databases started mixing with each other, becoming giant data repositories. And they have a name, Data Lakes. In this guest post by my friends at Tenfold, you will learn about Data Lakes and how you can use them. Dig in!  

Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing

Despite the obvious complaints about endless emails, spammy senders, and the battle to conquer the inbox, email remains one of the foundations that the internet is built upon. People check their inbox 15 times per day on average. An email address is required for the creation of accounts on any social media, e-commerce, and personalized … Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing