digital transformation and business

The 3 Types of Digital Transformation

Every business is in some phase of digital transformation, that is using technology to change how they do business. But did you know that there are three types of digital transformation? I explain them here as well as some pros and cons. Dig in!

how much is my data worth

What is your data worth?

In this thought-provoking piece, I outline what our data is worth today in monetary terms to the companies we use, and the frightening reality about what our data is worth to us. It's clear we're not getting a good deal.

measuring performance on digital platforms

Measuring Performance on Volatile Digital Platforms

Last week I gave a presentation about measuring performance on volatile digital platforms. Which platforms are volatile you might ask? Facebook and Instagram. They are changing so fast that traditional social media KPIs cannot be compared to each other year over year. The answer is to go back to basics.

Content Marketing Metrics: How to Correctly Measure Your Traffic

Content marketing is also known as inbound marketing for a reason. The content draws your potential clients in towards your services. But there is a gap between people coming to visit your site and people who click the contact or buy button. You have to reach a critical mass of traffic before statistics tip in … Continue reading Content Marketing Metrics: How to Correctly Measure Your Traffic