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Improving Customer Experience (CX) with Data Visualization (DV)

Your customers are key - everyone deserves top notch service. But managing your customer service gets more and more difficult the bigger your company gets. Luckily you can use the same data visualization techniques that are bringing lots of value in other areas of business to customer service. That's what this guest post from JSCharting … Continue reading Improving Customer Experience (CX) with Data Visualization (DV)

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Is Omnichannel Strategy Real?

You want to control the customer experience to be able to optimize it, but if you can't assure a customer experience on par with your best competitors, you won't have much to optimize.

digital transformation and business

The 3 Types of Digital Transformation

Every business is in some phase of digital transformation, that is using technology to change how they do business. But did you know that there are three types of digital transformation? I explain them here as well as some pros and cons. Dig in!

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The Technology and Digital Trends Transforming the Customer Experience in Banking and Finance

If there is one area that tech is disrupting in 2018, it's the financial sector. After years of fighting through stiff regulation, fintech companies are finally making headway - often lead by financial institutions themselves who have realized that to create the experience that the customers want, they need to change how they do business.