Digital News Weekly Roundup: March 8th

Spotify floats, Instagram's hidden features, the new definition of "millenial," overlooking small data in the quest for big data, and where do you end and your smartphone begin? Dig in now!

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What is Marketing Intelligence Data?

What's the best way to start off 2018? A guest post! This one come from Dan Sincavage, co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Tenfold, a phone intelligence software company located in Austin, Texas. Tenfold provides a cloud-based software-as-a-service computer-telephony integration (CTI) solution that connects businesses' existing communication tools like phone systems and messaging apps to their…

Common Marketing and Product Development Questions That Analytics Can Answer

Thanks to the explosion of technological consumer adoption over the last twenty years, marketers and product developers have more ways than ever to learn about and interact with their customers. After woefully lagging for almost a decade, improvements in computing power and mass storage space finally made big data possible, and the entire field of web…