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Screen Time is Here to Save Us from Our Phone and Social Media Addictions

The newest feature in your iPhone or Android quantifies your relationship with your phone and the apps you use, and the stats might be enough to scare your into a better relationship with your phone. And if the stats aren't persuasive enough, you can control your usage manually. Here is how I use my phone, and the insights that come along with having this information at the tip of my thumb.

Should I Give my 18-Month-Old Son the iPad?

I can remember it clearly, probably because it was repeated so many times. "Tony, stop watching TV and go outside and play." I would look up in a zombie gaze and squint my eyes at the bright light coming through the window. I would reluctantly click off the TV. Open the door. Go outside. Our … Continue reading Should I Give my 18-Month-Old Son the iPad?