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2018: A Digital Year in Review

As the calendar closes on the end of an eventful year, it's time to pick up the tradition and take a moment to reflect on the major themes that emerged this year in the digital space. Looking back at 2017's year in review, it was clear that if we pay too much attention to the … Continue reading 2018: A Digital Year in Review

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Screen Time is Here to Save Us from Our Phone and Social Media Addictions

The newest feature in your iPhone or Android quantifies your relationship with your phone and the apps you use, and the stats might be enough to scare your into a better relationship with your phone. And if the stats aren't persuasive enough, you can control your usage manually. Here is how I use my phone, and the insights that come along with having this information at the tip of my thumb.

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Phone Notifications Are Ruining Our Lives

Your phone is your life. Your phone is also ruining your life. Your phone is also ruining your phone. The psychological impact of notifications could not be more real, and devastating.

iPhone X Review

The big news came out yesterday and all I can say is: finally! Maybe Steve Jobs' ghost came back to flutter around 1 Infinite Loop. Or, even less likely, maybe Tim Cook read my rant about the shitty design of the iPhone 7. Maybe investors were just getting fed up with the training wheels and … Continue reading iPhone X Review

Why Do We Idolize Steve Jobs?

5 years ago, the world lost one of its most revered individuals. A lot has changed in the past five years, but if anything, Steve Jobs's status as a modernĀ idol has only grown in death. Yet as I rifle through Facebook with posts laden with RIPs I can't stop thinking, do people really understand why … Continue reading Why Do We Idolize Steve Jobs?