Throughout the course of my career, I’ve written about a vast array of subjects. I’m always interested in learning about new things, whether it be related to marketing and advertising, customer behavior, societal evolutions, science, or philosophy.

I specialize in press releases, like this one for NEC Display. I also ghostwrite content for thought leaders and entrepreneurs for various industry-focused blogs, like DigitalSignageToday. I do site copy for apps and websites, like for the fashion app Fitt. I produce an endless stream of content for blogs, like Whyd’s. I’ve conducted hundreds of interviews. And I have extensive experience writing the perfect business plan for fundraising or acquisitions/joint ventures.

My desire to write is fueled by my curiosity. Here is a sample of the different subjects that I’ve written about:

Advertising: Rocking the Vote on Digital Out Of Home

Advertising Sales: Selling to Media Agencies 

Smartphones: Special Report in USA Today

Social Media: What Social Media is Doing to Music

Community Management: Connecting Your Community and Your Team

Analytics: The 11 Fundamental App Monetization Metrics and How To Calculate Them

Tech Commentary: 4 Profound Reasons Why Buzzfeed Just Raised $50 Million

Content Marketing: 3 Resources For Finding Endless Content Ideas

Music: Feynman – “Illusions” EP Review

Music Business: The Fantasy of Music Exclusives on Streaming Services

Science: Solar Magnetic Cycles Mean That Winter is Coming, Soon

Politics: What The UK Summer Budget Means For Small Business

Travel: The Unexpected Joys of Monterey, California

Sustainability: Comparing Sustainability Efforts of The US and South Africa

Satire: Steve Jobs in Hell Epic Poem

I’ve also written a three plays and a novel. I’m happy to share them with you if you’re interested!

If you or someone you know might be able to benefit from this sort of experience, please feel free to share this page. Or you can contact me directly. I’d love to see how I could help. Thanks! 

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