On Swearing

I fucking love swearing. The pure pleasure of a well placed fuck is one of the things I hang on to in life. It might not be professional, it might make other people judge me, but you know what? Fuck them! Swearing is my outlet, my way of saying that I don't accept the world … Continue reading On Swearing

Vertical Video Formats

The days of cinematic landscape formats that favored wide angles, the rule of thirds, and everything that Alfred Hitchcock adored were numbered when Instagram launched allowing only square photos.   Then, Snapchat was launched to the delight of millenials whose raison d'être is to share everything they are doing. Snapchat continued to buck the video format … Continue reading Vertical Video Formats

Social Commerce, The Next Gold Mine

Every marketer has been dreaming of a day, a day when they can effortlessly turn their customers into sales people. An exponentially growing conversion force all focused on selling more of your product? I'll sign that dotted line. The promise land is fast approaching, and like the millions of settlers who first set eyes on … Continue reading Social Commerce, The Next Gold Mine

Digital Buzzwords 2017

After a month of still writing '16 on anything that requires the date, I've finally switched over to '17. 2017. Holy shit. It's basically the future. And while we still don't have flying cars, we do have self-driving cars, super-hero mobile connections and we're not just interacting with each other, we're interacting with things. Who … Continue reading Digital Buzzwords 2017

My Essay Featured in the New Book “Song Stories: Music That Shaped Our Identity and Changed Our Lives”

In the first exchange I ever had with Kyle Bylin, I led with the words 'alarmist' and 'short-sighted.' Not exactly the best way to start a conversation. I was responding to one of his articles back in early 2013 and felt that the headline was click-baity. I felt it didn't do justice to the nice … Continue reading My Essay Featured in the New Book “Song Stories: Music That Shaped Our Identity and Changed Our Lives”