If you work in the digital media space, you probably pay a significant amount of attention to what’s happening in the programmatic space. Technology continues to evolve at a break-neck pace. Companies – driven by demands for performance – are piling in, helped by their media agencies and advertising partners. Keeping up with everything new is a challenge. Thankfully, there are a plethora of events that help to consolidate thought leadership.

On October 7th, Worldwide Business Research (WBR) is holding the Programmatic Pioneers Summit. Under normal circumstances this event would take place physically in Singapore, but because of the pandemic, it is happening virtually this year, and that means that you can participate from anywhere! It is still focused on the Asian market, with panelists and speakers primarily hailing from the East, but many of the topics are global: from broad questions like how covid-19 is upending the advertising business; to technical topics like selecting DMP and how to structure real-time optimization for your campaigns.

I had the pleasure of moderating a keynote panel on using precision audience targeting and realtime optimization to improve your approach to programmatic. The panelists hail from a wide range of businesses: HP, Vodafone, Dentsu, and Criteo, so the spirited conversation felt very complete by virtue of having these complementary viewpoints. We talked about structuring a business around the programmtic opportunity, what types of targeting strategies to employ, and how the promise of operational efficiency can open doors for your business to focus on what really matters. We recorded it this week and it will be airing at 12:45PM Singapore Time on October 7th. You can register here for free!

I have to say, after six months of the pandemic, I dearly missed the opportunity to exchange with others in the industry, to “meet” people and learn from them, and to take in other points of view. One of the hardest parts of the new business normal (no trips, no events, lots of time at home) is trying not to get closed in. I sincerely hope that one day we will all be able to get together again (in Singapore!) and revive the networking that makes working in our industry so rich.

Thanks to WBR for including me in this event!

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