Brick and mortar and eCommerce used to be bitter rivals. Now? The two can be used to find success like never before. Fundera is here to show you how with the brick and click model in this guest post! 

Paper or plastic? Option A or B? Brick and mortar or eCommerce? Life is full of decisions that often result in the other option being cast aside. Of these decisions, few have been debated as heavily online as the debate between brick and mortar versus eCommerce. 

While both bring something unique to the table, eCommerce has often been thought of as the superior option of the two. Fortunately, there’s a way you can combine the two and reap the benefits of each model. Enter brick and click businesses. 

What’s a Brick and Click Business? 

In short, brick and click businesses utilize a physical location and an online presence, much like a regular eCommerce store. 

Generally, the online presence of the business includes a fully-functioning eCommerce store, a blog for sharing information and product updates, and a strong social media presence. 

Perks of a Brick and Click Business

Through the utilization of a physical store and an online presence, brick and click stores get a number of perks that either business model misses out on when flying solo: 

  • Larger audience reach: Brick and click businesses are great at attracting a local audience, thanks to their presence in the community. eCommerce stores obviously attract online communities and can have far-reaching audiences. By combining the two you open the door to new local audiences as well as far-reaching audiences.
  • Better analytics: With a physical location you can gain information on when shoppers like to come in the store, what they like to buy, and a few others data points. eCommerce offers a whole host of information, like shopping habits, cart habits, location, and so on. Through the combination of the two analytics sets, you can have a truly complete picture of your customer and their habits.
  • More complete customer experience: When you leave a brick and mortar store that’s it, your journey is over. Offering an online location lets visitors tune in to see what your brand is up to, shop anytime and from anywhere, and share your content on social media. Similarly, a physical store gives online shoppers a place to get that personalized experience only brick and mortar stores can give. 

Becoming a Brick and Click Business

When it comes to transitioning to a brick and mortar business, the journey is surprisingly straightforward to start. Even better, the benefits are fairly universal, whether you’re running a successful eCommerce store or have a bustling brick and mortar. 

To make your shift to brick and mortar easier, Fundera has created this helpful visual on becoming a brick and mortar business. Follow these steps and you can be paving the way for a more successful future in no time!

infographic ecommerce brick and click fundera

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