Last week I shared the first results of the two part, qualitative survey that I ran about how people use Instagram and particularly, how people interact with brands on the trendiest social network out there.

Today I’m sharing the results of the part of the survey that concerns brands directly, how people find brand accounts and follow them, how people interact with branded content and ads, and what brands shouldn’t do in order to not be unfollowed by fans.

Certain takeaways were rather surprising. Some were positive in that they reinforce the importance that we as brand marketers put on the platform. To see the details about the group that participated in the study as well as other information, please see this previous article.

Here are the results from the study:

brands on instagram ad click statistics digital marketing

And here are some key takeaways:

  • Brand notoriety remains a key driver for follower adoption – people seek out the brands they like much more than stumbling upon them by recommendation – but people still see out brands by clicking on Instagram logos on other touchpoints.
  • All of that talk around triptychs is legitimate, half of respondents reported regularly visiting a brands profile, meaning that the aesthetic nature of Instagram should not be limited to the feed.
  • People click on Instagram ads, they swipe up on brand stories and they click on shoppable features. This survey did not include questions about motivation but from an advertiser perspective that’s a really strong sign that ads on Instagram are a good investment.
  • People aren’t quite as hot on buying yet, but even if only 32% bought something from an Instagram ad, that’s still a gigantic conversion rate for online. With new shopping features this number should continue to rise.

What are your experiences with brands on Instagram? Do these numbers surprise you? Let me know in the comments!

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