Over the course of the month of April I ran a qualitative study about how people use Instagram today. As a brand marketer I am constantly trying to understand how people engage with the platform that gets all of our attention. 40 people took the time to respond and the results were pretty surprising.

Did you know that for 60% of respondants, Instagram was the last thing they see before going to sleep at night? Did you know that 50% of people use a different photo editing app before they post to Instagram?

The survey was promoted to my network, so it is mostly comprised of educated millenial professionals living in Europe or the US. I am not claiming that this survey is representative of the worldwide Instagram userbase, but if your brand focuses on that group, you’re in luck!

Here are the results from the first part of the survey, how people use Instagram in general. I’ll be posting the second part – how people interact with brands – next week.

instagram statistics 2019

Some takeaways:

  • Posting is very qualitative for posts. 50% of users use a different photo editing app before posting to Instagram and they post on average only once a month.
  • This might be due to the fact that people share overwhelmingly travel-related content, and since most people don’t travel everyday that could have an effect.
  • It’s an even split between what people do when they open the app to consume content, half start scrolling their feed, half start tapping through stories. To each her own!
  • More people are following hashtags since the function was added back in early 2018. Hashtags are therefore becoming almost as important as profiles.
  • Not a lot of people are watching IGTV, is the long format not what people are looking for? Is it too new and hidden behind weird icons in the interface? Has there just not been a good reason to go watch anything yet? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for the brand results next week!

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