Ever since Instagram launched stories I have slowly been getting sucked in more and more. First to watch people’s stories and then eventually to start posting some myself. In terms of quality, stories give people an outlet to post things that they normally wouldn’t deem qualitative enough to stay forever on their profiles. This captures the three (or more) times per day that we eat…

After a very unscientific period of observation, I have a rough estimate that half of the stories that I see are either plates of food, people eating something, having brunch/breakfast/a fancy dinner, or posting something they cooked.

Posting food to stories also provides a great context to talk to people by asking them where they are eating or what they have cooked. So, am I alone in this estimation or do you see it too?

Help me gain a better understanding: if you post stories to Instagram, what portion of them are dedicated to food and/or eating?

I’ll publish the results at the end of the week, so please share with people who will relate to this.


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